Jason Hughes, CEO and Chairman of US armored vehicle manufacturer Hughes Marino, is a highly influential figure. He has been recognized for his success by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and many others. Jason Hughes´ innovative approach to business has made him one of the most well-known CEOs in the country. In addition to being highly educated, Hughes is known for his dedication and hard work. 


He has been quoted saying that he “would rather go broke than fail” on a project. Employees have remarked how dedicated Jason Hughes can be when it comes to the company he founded over 30 years ago. His drive and determination have helped him build Hughes Marino into the success it is today. Jason Hughes´ dedication to his family only surpasses the highest passion for his work. 


Jason Hughes and his wife, Linda, are actively involved in their children’s lives and support various charitable organizations. The Hughes family is committed to making a difference in their community and around the world. Jason Hughes is a remarkable individual with a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in the business world. He has consistently shown his ability to lead and innovate.

This has made him an excellent role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. Hughes Marino is lucky to have such an outstanding CEO at the helm. Jason Hughes truly stands out as an industry leader and role model. His accomplishments are many, but he remains humble and grounded. Jason Hughes states that people can look up to and learn from – both inside and outside of the business world. Thanks to Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino is a company that its employees can be proud of. And thanks to Jason Hughes, we can all learn a little more about what it takes to be successful.