Tim Murawski is a Chicago area businessman who is currently serving as the chief commercial office as well as the company president for a firm called Augmedics. The company is dedicated to the development of medical devices that utilize cutting-edge augmented reality tech. A major point of focus for Tim Murawski and his Augmedics team is to use this technology to revolutionize the field of spinal surgery. Tim Murawski is the ideal type of business leader to guide a company such as Augmedics. He has been involved in the field of biotechnology for many years now. 


This experience has included work in many different leadership roles for leading companies within the medical devices sector. Before he came to the Augmedics team, the successful businessman was involved in various roles at Mazor Robotics. Tim Murawski worked for the company for over a decade. During that time, Murawski held job titles such as regional sales director and U.S. accounts VP. His final role with Mazor Robotics was as the firm’s VP for its global renaissance business operations.


Tim Murawski has also previously worked for the team at Hansen Medical. He joined the California-based operation in 2008. During his time at Hansen, Murawski worked as the firm’s national accounts director. He was also the VP for sales at Hansen Medical. All of these past professional experiences have been instrumental to Tim Murawski in the work that he is currently doing for the Augmedics firm. He is using his vast amount of knowledge and experience to make a difference for the company and its growth trajectory.


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