Mirabaud Group is an international group offering banking and financial services to organizations with a long history in Switzerland. Mirabaud is Switzerland’s third-largest financial services provider with a large market capitalization and operations worldwide. It was founded in 1819 as a partnership of six banks. The Group offers a wide range of services to private individuals and institutions in several sectors, including savings and loans, asset management, financial reporting, banking services, insurance, and brokerage.

Asset Management

Mirabaud was the first to offer variable products and the first to operate in international markets, making it one of the best providers of asset management services globally. The company operates in various countries, offering fixed-income, equity, currency, private banking, and asset allocation.

How The Group Makes Supporting Art Sustainable

They have a mission to celebrate and preserve the beauty of art and design across all periods and cultures. They are also committed to supporting artists who make sustainable work possible by creating workshops and promoting innovation. This would allow students and staff members of the consortium to have a deeper understanding of sustainability as they start their work.

Mirabaud will use their skills, knowledge base, and experience in building sustainable collections to guide achieving this goal most effectively for all stakeholders.

The Mirabaud Sustainable Art Fund by Mirabaud, firmly believes that art is an effective way to communicate sustainability as it helps people connect to nature, leading them to care for the environment. Art has been proven to affect behavior in positive ways, and it can be used as a tool for education and human development.


The Group’s mission is to provide comprehensive financial services in all regions of the world and be an example of excellence in this field. The Group’s activities are oriented toward developing economies, focusing on the needs of small and medium-sized companies, providing liquidity to sectors that have been left out of the mainstream markets, promoting sustainable development, and contributing to social cohesion.

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