Global violence seems to have decreased in the last few years. The Washington Post notes that it is the scale of such violence has reduced, but multiple pockets of violence have emerged around the globe. That is why Simon Denyer seems to be highly concerned about the current major trends that have been interfering with violence around the globe. This appears to be an increasing issue in Africa and other parts of the world.

According to Simon Denyer, the Washington Post has also discovered that there are some pockets of violence in developed countries such as the United States. Simon also points out that there are also pockets of violence in previously peaceful places. He has identified some of the causes of these violent trends, and it is a significant issue to address and solve these problems. That is why experts should be working hard to get the solution to address such issues.

According to Simon Denyer, the conditions at the root cause of this issue are not just the economic or political aspect of these events but also the underlying problems that reflect bad global leadership, lack of education and technology on how to deal with conflicts, and lack of economic development in these regions. Eliminating violence should be a priority as it will help in promoting global peace. This is an essential undertaking that all countries should incorporate in their operations.

Simon Denyer has reported that the number of wars and conflicts has increased in the world. However, Simon stated in his article that there is a decline in this number compared to some time ago. The cause of this decline was due to international intervention. However, there is still some increase in conflicts from previous years, so it is vital to address these issues. This is a significant aspect that will help change the current global trends.

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