SeaWorld is a favored spot for people of all ages. This fascinating park has been around for over 3 decades and has no signs of slowing down. SeaWorld offers something for everyone, they’re home to one of the world’s largest ocean life exhibits. Their focus has always been one of knowledge and education is an exciting environment. They offer live performances and shows, including interactive experiences. Dozens of roller coasters, water rides, and animal appearances fill the aquatic paradise. Connect Seaworld on Facebook

SeaWorld is currently working rigorously with scientists to study more about wild sharks. Excursions such as this are critical for assisting in protection of endangered species. Another program in Florida focuses on conservation of our coral reefs. Many of them have become susceptible to disease and have already affected large areas. SeaWorld is playing a big part in working toward positive impacts on marine life. They also present storytelling time to visiting children; offering learning experiences filled with music and art.

The park has always had a variety of community events, they already has a summer line up full of excitement and fun for all. This 4th of July, The Sesame Street Parade will be visiting the park along with all of the favorite characters we all know. Some of the evening and night time events include fireworks and glowing colors, along with plenty of music and dancing. SeaWorld is already working on new Halloween tricks for kids and adults.

This charming park has never disappointed visitors from across the globe. Along with the breath-taking aquatic life, SeaWorld educates guests, while offering fun experiences. SeaWorld continues to work toward conservation of our oceans and evolve in a way that brings people back for priceless experiences.