Steph Korey was born in Ohio to a Lebanese father and a Romanian mother. During her years growing up, Steph Korey often visited her relatives in the Middle East and Europe.

Steph eventually earned a BA degree at Brown University, in International Relations. She worked for various businesses and then furthered her education. She went on to obtain an MBA at Columbia Business School.

Because of these lifelong experiences, Steph Korey gained an interest in cross-cultural teamwork.

Today, Steph Korey lives in NYC, filling her role as a successful angel/early-stage investor. She reaches out to support business owners, who failed to qualify for funding through another company.


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With each client, Steph strives to help them move forward in the field of business. She stresses the importance of staying informed, about new, current investment trends.

An investor’s potential investment goals and resources, play an important role in their investment decisions. After completely analyzing the market, then each decision should be made.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire US economy has been upended. The travel and retail segments have been negatively affected by the pandemic lockdowns. There are very few companies in the world that weren’t damaged by this experience.

The market forecasters are hoping for a higher degree of normalcy, in 2022. Hopefully, the travel, commercial real estate and retail business sectors will continue to recover.

Forbes came to the conclusion, that even though the pandemic continues, the financial markets are seeing an encouraging degree of recovery.

Stocks are doing well overall, because the Federal reserve is staying at a low-interest rate. For quite a while, they have maintained a zero-interest rate. In 2022, these interest rates will be increased.

Other economic fields will possibly benefit, as the United States gradually emerges from the stifling grips of this worldwide pandemic.