In 2013, Assis Dela Torre and Christopher Terry created IM Academy. The two entrepreneurs are experts in forex trading. Their primary aim of starting the academy is to offer an easily accessible online platform for forex learning using the subscription method.

IM Academy is committed to assisting individuals with a passion for forex trading as they train them to do trading independently. The forex trading school has been in existence for over eight years. During its existence, the education facility has been experiencing tremendous expansion, recording over 225000 students who benefit from its products and services.

IM Academy has continued to grow. Its cooperate sector now involves other subsidiary bodies in other intercontinental markets, recording legal bodies in regions where regulatory requirements exist or where the registering bodies provide threat management or tax merits. The Forex Trading academy has been operating from its Head Offices located in New York, the same place where the organization is registered.

Since its foundation, IM Academy loves that they are always ahead of its competitors and has maintained a remote working space for its staff. The Academic facility saves on hiring space for its workers, which has helped the facility hire professionals without any geographical restriction and focuses on giving quality forex trade education. Remote working has a significant benefit to the education facility, as it can operate without any interaction even during the pandemic.

The forex Academy operates core products, including learning in units known as schools. These studies are classified into three products available on the facility’s website. The school has developed its website so that new members can access the learning materials through referrals or an IBO. Each unit consists of a series of data, videos, and live interaction that helps students practice what they have learned. The demonstrations help the students understand how forex trading works and how to use IM film educations and go live during interactions. The school offers customer services for IBO’s and customers. See this page for additional information.


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