Kip Lewis founder of Round Rock offers the following business lessons to beginner and intermediate business people looking forward to growing. Several who took important notice of the pieces of advice from Kip Lewis have risen to business success faster than expected.


Flexibility is integral, and Austin talks of its importance and significance. He explains that several successful companies are always agile, aggressive, and quick in adapting to any changes. Those who lack flexibility fail to thrive. Lewis talks of the importance of investing in creative solutions, innovation, and advanced technology. Business managers should always look for opportunities, new ideas and attempt to bring them to life. Tech changes are increasingly big; therefore, a business owner should have experts to help the workforce adapt to the changes quickly. It shouldn’t take them long to create business plans.


Secondly, the founder of Round Rock advices businesses to invest in tech and digital marketing. Internet growth is rising rapidly. Currently, several firms are into online working thanks to the internet that is making this a success. It is necessary to channel our capital into digital marketing. Ensure you strike a strong rapport with your customers and also stakeholders to win their trust. Business owners should ensure their workforce learns how to use the technology well. Ascertain that your workforce adapts to any changes made in technology.


AS a business owner, you must take care of your employees’ well-being. Clearly understand your team of workers and the challenges impacting them. Your business won’t thrive if your employees lack physical and mental health. Also, do not strain your employees; they should manage to balance between job and home.


Use the few you have to accomplish more of your tasks. This helps reduce the cost incurred. Implement ways that will help reduce costs with the few employees you have. Motivate them to invest in innovation and creating insightful ideas vital for business growth.