Kevin Seawright recently participated in an interview. During the interview, this prominent businessman shared the secrets to success. Kevin Seawright is extremely successful because he always makes people a priority. He truly wants the best for his clients.

What Inspired Kevin Seawright To Create RPS Solutions?

Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions because he wanted to see people get ahead in life. When he moved to Baltimore, Kevin Seawright noticed that many people didn’t own a home.

One of the biggest investments that people can make is buying a home, according to Kevin Seawright. He wanted to make homeownership a possibility for a diverse group of people.

How Did Kevin Seawright Become An Extremely Successful Businessman?

If you are like most people, you want to know how Kevin Seawright achieved great success. Does this sound like something you want to know?

For starters, Kevin Seawright wakes up everyday with the sun. He stays productive by focusing on one task at a time. At the beginning of his career, he quickly discovered the many disadvantages of multitasking.

Throughout the day, Kevin Seawright makes sure to take multiple breaks. By doing so, he stays motivated to accomplish tasks.

How Does This Extremely Successful Businessman Brainstorm Ideas?

One of the ways that Kevin Seawright comes up with new ideas is by daily journaling. By writing his ideas down, he is more likely to remember them.

After writing his ideas down on paper, he approaches the team for feedback. He enjoys journaling on a daily basis.

What Makes Kevin Seawright A Powerful Entrepreneur?

If you want to be an extremely successful businessman, Kevin Seawright will urge you to read more books. When you read a wide variety of books, you will be able to understand different parts of your business. Isn’t this what every businessman hopes to accomplish?

He recommends books by Jeff Brown.

How Kevin Seawright Spends $100

This prominent entrepreneur has donating a lot of money to create a basketball team for youth. The team is currently based in Pennsylvania.

Meet Kevin Seawright: A Remarkable Leader In The Community

This outstanding businessman truly cares about people. For several years, he has been helping underserved people become homeowners. Over the years, he has also assisted several businesses.

He has held prominent jobs in many states including New Jersey. He prides himself in mentoring underserved youth.

He knows a thing or two about public accounting.

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