Joseph Ashford Ellis is the founder and Chairman of K4 Global, an investment company in Bournemouth, UK. Joseph has worked and nurtured several businesses for more than 20 years, mainly focusing on the service sector of the UK. From the knowledge and experience acquired in the industry, he has a solid background that helps him in property and asset investments.

Currently, Joseph Ashford Ellis is involved in marketing. He directs PR, strategic marketing, and event management services for businesses in film, music, and other sectors at K4 in Bournemouth. K4 Global helps in asset security and protection, crisis management, and working with companies and prominent people in these sectors. Joseph Ashford Ellis’s commercial basic belief is to maintain business and client focus and business integrity, ensuring that his businesses maintain a higher curve, going above and beyond for clients. He is sought by many to speak about marketing due to his expertise. Following are some of the ideas that he has shared and more

Surround Yourself with the Right People

It means finding people beyond technical qualifications. Although experience and skills are essential in hiring, you should consider finding people who believe in the venture.

Consider Where You Add Value


This can be among the difficult goals to achieve for any entrepreneur. When starting up, generating revenue is one of the top goals in your mind. However, it may be tough thinking about succeeding when you are supposed to give instead of getting. However tough it might be, Ashford said success comes from scouring opportunities where talent and skills connect well with the venture.

Joseph Ashford Ellis entrepreneurial success results from his excellent business skills. It has led to wealth accumulation through several industries like real estate investment, marketable securities, trading in motor vehicles, and capital support for companies.