Alddo Molinar is a practicing anesthesiologist with many years of experience. He currently works at East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center. From an early age, Alddo had a keen interest in being a doctor and had the ingrown characteristic of being an overachiever. Having been the first in his family to be a US citizen made there be high expectations for him to succeed. Alddo Molinar´s interests intensified when he faced the demise of his grandmother to pancreatic cancer. He watched how his family sought therapeutic options in a bid to end his grandmother’s agonizing physical pain, nausea and itching caused by her jaundice yellow skin. He, therefore, resolved to be a source of help to the suffering.


Career Life


Dr. Alddo Molinar


He pursued his bachelor of science in Biology at Trinity University. He went on to pursue medicine at the University of Texas. He did his residency at the famous Cleveland Clinic which provided him with quality training specializing in critical care medicine. He additionally trained at the Anesthesiology Institute. Alddo Molinar followed up his residency with a fellowship at the same clinic. As a result, he gained diverse training in fields such as cardiovascular intensive care. Working for many years as an anesthesiologist has made Alddo gain experience of how ideas are brought to life. These are some of the ways he accomplishes them.


Generating Good Ideas


Alddo Molinar believes that the first step to coming up with good ideas is the identification of needs. The needs may be current or specific to the patient and may require attention to breed a solution. This may mean that the effort to come with the solution brings about the idea.


Finding A Good Team

It is important especially in the line of medicine to have a good team. As Alddo Molinar states, successes in surgeries are majorly contributed to the working together of skilled nurses and doctors. Therefore, bringing in a diverse and skilled team in the makings of an idea is very important.