Adella Archer founded Eterneva in Austin in honor of her best friend and mentor. She discovered the lab-grown diamonds and thought that could be the best way to remember the friend. The company has grown into a large grief wellness firm in the region and worldwide from a simple idea. It has over 17 employees and creates about 75 diamonds in a year.

For the company to make you artificial diamonds from the remains of your loved ones or pets, you have to reach it. So first, send your loved one’s ash, and the management will then ask you to specify the size and shape of the diamond. Then the company sends you updates of the progress of your diamond until it reaches the final step, where they send the end product. The process takes about eight months. See more of Eterneva at

Recently, Eterneva announced the expansion of the company operations. The entire process will cost about $3 million and will increase the workforce, introducing the diamond lab in the premise and shifting to a more extensive operation area.

The upgrade is another addition to the $ 1.2 million that saw the company make up to 75 diamonds annually. The price of the diamonds is between $2,999 and $50,000, depending on the size, quality, shape, and urgency.

As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, people have come out to talk about death openly. Unfortunately, some do not have the chance to see their loved ones in the hospitals or attend their funerals. Therefore, the Eterneva diamond saves them the stress as it rejoins them with their departed acquaintances.

The founder of the company even wondered how people come out to express the death of their loved ones. According to her, death has become a normal phenomenon, and people continue to resort to artificial diamonds to rejoin with their departed friends and relatives.