Frances Townsend is the vice president of a famous video gaming company Activision Blizzard. In her role, she focuses on ensuring that the company stays on good terms and the right track with the government. Frances manages the communication department of the enterprise by ensuring that the right technology and devices continue to impact clarity among employees for a better video gaming experience for the enterprise`s customers. She has been serving in the position since March 2021. She is an expert that has worked in other companies including in the regime of George W Bush.

Frances Townsend is a woman that has been inspiring other women to work hard and believe in their strengths. She is an overcomer and she stands by her choices. Her admirable character has led her to the vast prestigious roles she has attained from enormous companies. Resilience defines her personality and passion continues to guide her in her daily routines.

The vice president is one of the few entrepreneurs that does not entertain norms. She believes that everyone who works in technology should always have the gut to experience changes. She notes that projects are never the same in the video gaming industry and team workers need to be willing to invest their time and thinking in the latter. She has an outstanding personality that enables her to have friendly relationships with her workers. She has seen excellent results from her capability to execute plans with other employees. She believes that it enables her to acquire better content that creates better room for the success of the enterprise`s projects.

Frances Townsend says that people in the video gaming industry require high levels of understanding when dealing with clients. Each video that a company design has a target audience. For this reason, the designers ought to know the key areas that attract their target audience enabling the video game to be a success.

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