One of the most popular topics in financial technology is disruption, and Philip Belamant does not disappoint in this article. Disruption is a product of innovation, and innovation is an imperative need for the future success of FinTech start-ups to succeed. The article explains how disruptive innovation is used to achieve remarkable goals, such as revolutionizing banking organically or efficiently by creating a digital service.

Philip Belamant also points out that disruption is used as a weapon by established businesses to ward off new competitors, and this also has been seen in FinTech. This kind of market behavior is not surprising. Still, it can be highly detrimental to the industry when it leads to hostile take-overs instead of cooperation and collaboration. Belamant thinks more education on the disruptive innovation model is necessary.

Disruption has proven its value again and again in history, whether in business or technology. Philip Belamant has described how a successful disruption can lead to success, but it is not easy to implement the model because it requires outside guidance. It can be done by a new approach, mindset, or even a new organization of work that is fresh and imaginative.

He has also pointed out the need for disruptive innovation-friendly regulation, which will make it easier for start-ups to innovate while not leading to competitive advantages that established businesses might use to stifle their up-and-coming competitors.

The final factor that Belamant has stressed is the importance of education. He believes that the general public needs education on disruptive innovation, especially when it comes to financing. Philip Belamant thinks that when this kind of education is available, it will be easier for institutions and individuals to use disruptive innovation for their purposes.


Belamant believes that this model is the best way forward for a new future of FinTech. His personal experience has allowed him to define success in FinTech as disruptive innovation, which he describes as a product or technology that creates value by breaking out of the field in which its originators are competing and addressing an entirely new market.