Steph Korey studied at the University of Columbia, pursuing a business course before becoming a millionaire in her own company called Away’s luggage Company. Before pursuing her career in business course, Steph Korey used to work at Warby Parker, a supply company that dealt with eyewear startups. She was a logistic officer managing raw materials supplies from suppliers to producers and ensuring that producers’ final products reached clients.


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Together with her friend, Steph Korey realized how suitcases were made of low-standard materials not serving their rightful purpose. Most traveling bags were made of poor quality, embarrassing clients, including her friend, because they would often break in the middle of traveling. Her friend, a brand marketer, talked about how they would upgrade the quality of suitcases after realizing that most traveling bags were not affordable, their durability was short-lived, and how they would improvise a quality one in the market.

Three months after their meeting, they started the Away luggage company, an online company. They did not begin immediately but instead began researching ways to improve the quality of bags in the market. To get the major points, they did some interviews asking questions about people’s traveling habits, how much they carried on their luggage, and their concerns. In their research, Steph Korey learned that the first things to break in a suitcase were the zips and the suitcase wheels. So, together with her producers, they concentrated on durable zips, wheels, and they made the outer coverage of the suitcase from light metal.

They also added a unique feature in their Away suitcase: the charging dock and the in-built battery, after learning that most travelers complained of their phones switching off when traveling. Ever since the start of the Away Company, it has been a successful investment, making profits, and now they are planning to open different line of traveling products.

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