Before 2016, Hawkers was an ordinary company. The few people who were aware of the services provided in the facility only knew that the institution was capable of financing its expenses. In 2016, however, the independent company began to experience some very serious problems.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had not yet started his partnership with the facility, so everything was going down the drain. Losses began to start getting into the facility, driving the institution into a huge situation.

External funding was the only way to handle the crisis and save the facility from getting worse. Many options were offered to the Spain institution when they searched for their funding. The founders were wise enough in the process of selecting a partner. Among the candidates present, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was the most suitable for the position.

Apart from having all of the funds required by the institution, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had enough expertise to guide the young college graduates who were still trying to acquire enough expertise.

Alejandro has always been a major investor in the global platform. He has made a great impact in the international community. His desire to partner with a fashion facility is what made him start to look for great partner such as Hawkers.

Trying the market for the very first time happened when the entrepreneur started to work with the sunglasses facility. I November, after a tough season, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was accepted to be the president. Without having to make numerous changes in the popular facility, Alejandro had delivered the results everyone wanted. The brand that suffered to cater to all of its expenses in the start of the year began to make major moves into the global industry, attracting customers in all regions. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.