Billionaire CEO, Eric Lefkofsky, who founded the precision medical solution company, Tempus, in 2015, has recently acquired Highline Sciences. Focusing primarily on oncology, Highline Sciences is a full-service clinical contract research organization currently working on several innovative case studies, including Rapid Engagement for Complex Cell Therapy. The marriage of Highline Sciences and Tempus could be exciting news for oncology patients, especially those who may be running out of approved treatments.


Tempus lays claim to the world’s most comprehensive library of clinical and molecular data with a laboratory optimized for genomic sequencing technology as the healthcare expert Eric Lefkofsky explains. Their network is currently connected to 40% of US oncologists and 50% of all academic medical centers. Cedars-Sinai Cancer is teaming with Tempus for their “Molecular Twins” Initiative, using virtual replicas of patients’ DNA, RNA, and protein to develop personalized cancer treatment options.


The company facilitates its mission to match cancer patients with clinical trials using TIME Trial Network, an artificial intelligence-driven software capable of sifting through and interpreting vast amounts of data. The TIME Trial Network system can even activate new study sites and start enrolling patients in as few as ten days. Because time is of the essence when battling cancer, Eric Lefkofsky points out, the streamlined process is vital.


Highline Sciences will open up another avenue of care, allowing Tempus to go the extra step to assist physicians with facilitating patient access to the correct therapies. The healthcare expert sees the potential for the core platform and architecture his company has built to reduce cancer mortality by 90% within the next few decades. Eric Lefkofsky finally adds that research into vaccines to halt the spread and growth of cancer and studies into prevention precision therapeutics to foil cancers in their earliest stages offer new hope to many still fighting.