Lack of education in financial markets is something a former economist of SEC expressed. Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris is the former chief economist, and he has experience in retail education in the financial market. Dr. Jeffrey is currently working at the Kogod School of Business at American University. Having experience and working with different organizations, Dr. Jeffrey was the third party expert selected to review OTA (Online Trading Academy), a leader in financial education. Dr. Harris attended virtual classes and extended learning online to review the Online Trading Academy course materials. Dr. Harris is passionate about retail education and spreading it equally to students across universities.

Several university students do not get retail education. American University and Dr. Harris, former Chief Economist of SEC, are passionate about increasing the number of students receiving this education. Dr. Harris pointed out finance students in some institutions lack enough financial education provided by Online Trading Academy. Having firsthand experience with the education provided at OTA, Dr. Harris, being a financial expert, compared the retail course offered to university-level derivatives and investment courses.

The retail education offered at Online Trading Academy is good for students who aspire to trade their accounts. Students from OTA develop confidence in trading and investment due to their knowledge and the technical practice the Online Trading Academy course materials offer. When receiving retail education, the practice and guidance provided to students allow students to go past the complexity of trading and investing in practice. OTA’s brand new platform called CliK is an all-in-one education, analysis, and trading platform that offers students all they need to succeed in the financial market. Dr. Harris pointed out the amazing feature of CliK where students learn to apply the course material of OTA and learn risk management which helps students develop confidence in investing and trading.