Squaw Valley’s Statement on the Water Quality on Upper Mountain

Squaw Valley issued a statement to respond to claims that the drinking water found on the Upper Mountain has coliform and E. coli bacteria. This was from a potential health issue that was reported by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Below is a recap of the whole statement issued on November 30 by Liesl Kenney, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows public relations director. The statement refers to all the facts of the water quality in the area of Squaw Valley Upper Mountain.

Statement on Squaw Valley Water Quality

In the month of October there was an unusual heavy rain that affected a number of Placer County’s water systems. It led to the inundation of a water system that had been upgraded over the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp which resulted in the contamination. However, the contamination on sierrasun.com was limited to that system alone and the rest of the water systems were not affected at all. There was absolutely no point at which the public were offered the contaminated water.

Routine Testing

Immediately after the routine testing detected the contamination issue, the Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were alerted. Consultations were also held with relevant water experts and relevant steps taken to contain the issue on Weather. These steps will continue being taken until the time when the water found in the system will return to its normal levels. The water at Gold Coast or High Camp will not be used until the experts and health officials confirm that it is safe.

Customer Safety Assurance
Customer safety is paramount to the resort and it is ensured at the highest degree. Squaw Valley took the water contamination issue seriously as it does with all the safety concerns. The resort has moved to ensure that all guests at Gold Coast and High Camp can still access its facilities fully and normally with bottled drinking water offered free of charge. Guests will be duly updated when the issue will be resolved fully.