The US Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve has announced their website has been improved and is now easier to use and filled with more information than ever before. As a leader in the field of precious metals the new site reflects their values, commitment and trust to providing consumers with the best possible experience. At you will find a site that has gone through a complete makeover.


Philip N. Diehl is currently the president of the U.S. Money Reserve and the new site features photographs of their distinguished and notable leader that are quite impressive. In addition there is a new photo gallery for coins that educates individuals about all of the benefits of owning coins and bullion issued by the government. The design of the site enhances the experience of buying both gold coins and precious metals.


According to Ryan Buchanan who is the Vice President of Brand and Creative, the site has been turned into the equivalent of a responsive tool. Quality content is able to be generated across all of the different platforms. This gives the U.S. Money Reserve the ability to interact with their clients in ways that were not possible before. The online storefront features top security so customers can purchase precious metals with confidence and ease.


Buchanan personally oversaw the redesign of the site and helped in the implementation of numerous new features and applications. The goal of the site is the education of consumers and to make the purchase of bullion simple and easy. The pricing for silver and gold bullion or bars is based on competitive, live pricing. The discerning purchasers of exclusive products and precious metals are offered PCGS certification.


In addition customers have the ability to receive free information kits about gold and to visit a Knowledge Center. Here they are provided with information that is up to date on coin minting, purchasing and grading. There is also a Full Headline Gold News Room giving current updates on the status of the market for precious metals.


The U.S. Money Reserve is able to make contact with their clients for consultations, assistance with their purchases, secure transactions offline and special releases. They offer a BuyBack Guarantee offering an incredible return policy. Certified coins will be refunded within thirty days at the markets current value. When combined with an insured and fast method of shipping customers are excited about the new site and all of the options now available.