Robert Ivy Win The Noel Polk Lifetime Accomplishment Award

Robert Ivy FAIA, the vibrant managerial vice president and the CEO at the America architects Institute , AIA has been honored the Noel Polk lifetime attainment award courtesy of the Mississippi school of arts & letters, MIAL. This comes as the first time an architect is receiving a Polk award. This award features the living Mississippi connected artists and the art patrons whose devotion of creating, performing and supporting art is incomparable. Past honorees of this award entail renowned individuals like the proficient writer Eudora Welty, an artist Walter Anderson and the actor Morgan Freeman. According to Nancy LaForge the MIAL president, when it comes to the provision of architecture services in Mississippi, no one can be compared to Mr. Robert Ivy.

She seconded that Ivy is a gifted writer, a commentator, and author who is recognized globally, and winning the acclaimed noel Polk award is equivalent to stepping up to the right position. She made it clear that, as committed CEO at the AIA since 2011 and as an editor, author and a practicing architecture who has always had his hand on the task; Ivy is an exemplary ambassador of their profession. As such, this award comes as an acknowledgment for both his professional and personal achievements as a resident and a native of Mississippi. Based on this outstanding performance, Nancy LaForge was more than delighted to congratulate Mr. Robert Ivy on the accomplishment of this distinguished honor.

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Before he earned this noble award. Ivy worked with various world most renowned agencies where he has gained a wealth of experience. For instance, in 1996 Robert Ivy was given the role of editor in chief at the Architecture Records. In his capacity, he helped this firm to grow and finally emerge the most read journal worldwide. He has also served as the editorial director and the vice president of the McGraw –hill construction media, which also covers the GreenSources. Importantly, in March 2010, Alpha Rho Chi the leading national architecture entity voted him in unanimously to be named the Master Architect. This followed his unerring ability to communicate the value of design effectively. He also shares designation with one of the most iconic architecture Dr. Nathan Clifford who is the first graduate from the American school of architecture. Most importantly, Mr. Robert is the seventh member to earn the Noel Polk Lifetime Award in the fraternity in its history amounting to 100 years and the only one in the 21st century.

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