U.S. Money Reserve is the Nation’s Largest Distributor of Government Issued Precious Metals Helping Queen Elizabeth II Celebrate Her Coronation Anniversary

With Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II having her 65th Annual Anniversary of Her Coronation coming around in the year 2018 they have chosen US Money Reserve which is one of the largest US government issued gold silver and platinum product distributors in the world, has been chosen as numismatic professionals equipped with the skills and expertise to create an exclusive proof coin set for this year’s event. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

They previously were chosen in 2016 for Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday by making another proof coin set and for the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding a 2 oz platinum coin in 2017.US Money Reserve was also the sole distributor in the US for exclusively distributing for the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor coin sets as well.

US Reserve is now continuing work with the company known as Perth Mint. For this year they will make a total of 203 complete proof coin sets to be exclusively sold in the US by US Money Reserve and will consist of a 2oz gold proof coin, and quarter ounce gold proof coin, and a one oz silver proof coin.

US Reserve received their previous metals all from Perth mint 99.99% pure gold in 99.99% pure silver issued under the Austrian currency act in 1965.

This would be an event where millions if not over a billion individuals will be viewing seeing the work of US commemorating a truly magnificent day in our worlds history.

US Money Reserve has been operating for more than a decade to have come back with hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients that have trusted them with helping them enhance and or start off their precious middle portfolio through expert knowledge from account executives, numismatic experts, coin research professionals, and other members of their skilled team to make a wise purchases for their financial future of themselves and family.

US Money Reserve has taken upon themselves to be a public servant in the goal of helping Americans experience financial freedom and this is through their expert knowledge of precious metals.

Their work awarded them by the Business Consumer Alliance the AAA rating due to their business and trustworthy practices that provide clients with superior customer service enough so that individuals have a secure peace of mind and no at their portfolio is secure as well. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Larkin: http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-in and https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/angiekoch-usmoneyreserve-894

When an individual works with US Money Reserve they see that they have time for one on one professional account executive experienced at their own personal years in precious metal purchasing.

Being a company built on trust transparency personalize service quality assurance and a safeguard promise make can be sure that US is a company to trust especially with Queen Elizabeth II backing them for the 3rd year straight.