MoPac Express Lanes Built by CTRMA to Ease Traffic Jams in Austin

About two years ago, Mike Heiligenstein gave an insight about the traffic situation in the city of Austin and other parts of Texas. This was in respect to information from American-Statesman that urged Austin residents to brace themselves for traffic congestion in and around the city. The Statesman urged relevant authority to find tech solutions to address the condition. Mr. Heiligenstein, a Director at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) said their work is to ensure there is a smooth flow of traffic on major roads in Austin. The work of CTRMA is to create effective solutions that would help commuters move with ease from one location to another.


CTRMA’s Role of Easing Traffic in Austin


The Mobility Authority has built numerous toll roads connecting Austin and other cities. The roads and other projects developed by CTRMA to ease traffic have brought exponential growth to communities. Being a local agency, CTRMA ensures all its projects have direct impact to communities as well as commuters. The Mobility Authority embarked on a project to built MoPac Express Lanes that would be integrated with sophisticated technology that can be relied up on to manage the flow of traffic. However, Mike Heiligenstein noted that MoPac cannot eliminate traffic congestion completely, but it can enhance movement of commuters, especially those going for interviews. According to Mike, their objective is to ensure the movement of Express Lane is not affected by other lanes even during the rush hour.


According to the Statesman, most traffic congestion experienced in almost all cities is as a result of drivers stopping and then starting on busy highways. These situations are largely caused by minor breakdowns that forces drivers to stop. The Mobility Authority, has created an emergency response unit to provide roadside assistance to commuters whose vehicles have broken down. The agency patrols all Interstate roads.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein is an executive of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, an agency focusing on several ways of easing traffic jams in Austin and other cities. He joined CTRMA back in 2003, and has led the agency to great success and growth. It is under his leadership that the Mobility Authority was able to initiate the first toll road. For the 30 years Mike served in the public sector, his main focus was infrastructure developments. Today, Mike Heiligenstein is recognized both locally and nationally as he is invited to speak and inform others about infrastructure and transportation.


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