Brian Bonar: The CEO of Trucept

Brian Bonar is a popular financial executive and the chairman and CEO of Trucept Incorporation. Brian has also served in various financial firms including the Dalrada Financial Corporation before joining Trucept.

He has demonstrated a great passion for building design development, contract administration, and procurement. His attention to detail and massive business leadership experience enables him to achieve great success in the industry.

Bonar has established a reputation in team leadership and passion for assisting his clients, team members, and project partners achieve their goals. His portfolio includes retail, aviation, multifamily housing, k-24 education systems, and commercial structures.

Early Life and Education

Brian attended the James Watt Technical College where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. He proceeded to acquire his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stafford.

Mr. Bonar is also a recipient of honorary title; “Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales, United Kingdom.”He received his MBA and a Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, UK.

His solid background in the technical field helps him build successful business models while embracing the current technological advancements.

Business History and Accomplishments

Brian Bonar began his career working as a procurement manager for the IBM, before moving to QMS as the director of engineering with over 100 staff under his watch. His business inclination started at Adaptec where he served as the sales manager, before forming his first company, Bezier Systems.

Accoriding to PR Newswire, Brian Bonar’s specialties include business mergers and acquisitions. He combines the technical genius of engineering with the creative ability of architecture to create personalized business models.

Bonar’s Contribution to Trucept Incorporation

Trucept is a financial firm that provides solutions to small and medium enterprises by completing various tasks on their behalf. Some of the tasks the firm executes are payroll management, employee benefits management, and human resource administration. Trucept also helps businesses manage their HR documents and file tax returns. The company also offers risk management, which forms a critical part of any successful business venture.

The objective is to enable the company focus on its core business activities and delegate the rest of support services to Trucept. The experienced team of professionals makes plans and suggestions for the firm while respecting the diverse working traditions of every business establishment. Trucept also offers long term and short term staffing solutions to business enterprises across the nation.

Brian Bonar’s Philanthropy

Brian is a full-time family man who likes spending time with his family, going on boating trips, and playing golf. He received the “Who’s Who in America” recognition in the year 2000.