Haroldo Jacobovicz has played a crucial role in the development of Brazil as an IT powerhouse. For years, he has supported sustainable energy technologies in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. In addition, he has been a critical figure in the IT boom in Curitiba since he moved to the city in 1995. Since his presence in Curitiba, he has brought many opportunities and expanded its profile internationally.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is CEO of e-Governe Group, director of Horizons Telecom, Horizons Datacenter, and e-Governe ConvergĂȘncia. With three decades of experience in the information technology sector, Haroldo has been involved in the commercialization of disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), the convergence of Software-Defined Computing (SDC), and Embedded Computing (EUC). Founded in 2010, Horizons Telecom is a pan-Brazilian company involved in developing, acquiring, and implementing telecommunication services, mainly via innovative and data-intensive applications. Horizons Datacenter is one of the leading hyper-converged solution providers in Brazil. The e-Governe foundation is the top incubator in Brazil for technology startups. It is one of the best incubators in Latin America with this year’s most triumphant success stories and more

Horizon Telecom has developed a system designed to improve the experience for those living in areas where the traditional telephone network is not always consistent, making it difficult for consumers to transmit and receive high-quality calls. Horizon Telecom is currently in discussion with several governments regarding implementing the system for their local telephone networks.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is CEO and Chairman of Horizons Telecom, a publicly-traded company listed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. He also participates as an investor and board member of Information Grid, another publicly-traded company. Haroldo also sits as a board member of the research company Cores de Vendas, which provides insight on trends in the ICT sector. He was a founding partner of N/SA Inc., one of the largest micro-and small-medium companies globally, and he remains an active shareholder. Through Horizons Telecom, Haroldo Jacobovicz has developed and sold advanced telecommunication systems and equipment to the largest mobile operators in Brazil and the Brazilian Navy, and some of the largest corporations in Brazil.