The Investment And Leadership Acumen Of Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour has created a name for himself over the years in his career. He is an influential personality in the investment industry. Particularly Timothy Armour has become known for his investment acumen. Currently, Armour serves as the Capital Group Chairman he is also the principle executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as well as the chairman of the Capital Group management companies.

In 2015, Armour was promoted to the position of the chairman by the board of Capital Group, at the time he had served over 33 years in the company. The circumstance that attributed the promotion of the Armour was because of the passing on of the previous chairman, James Rothenberg, he died of heart attack. The 33 years’ experience that he has gotten with Capital Group illustrates what makes such an individual become the Capital Group Chairman. Furthermore, the fact that he holds a degree in economics from Middlebury College in Vermont shows how.

The 33 years’ experience that Tim Armour has gained with Capital Group, part of it has been serving telecommunications companies as well as the U.S. service companies when he was an equity investment analyst.

The years of experience that Armour has in the investment industry, this experience allow him to offer informed advice to investors as well as the aspiring investor about the best methods of making their investments. On the same subject Armour advice fund managers that they should make a deep analysis about the companies where they are holding capital as well as the companies that they are about to invest for their investor, he says that this will go a long way to assisting in making informed decisions. Armour has also created respect for himself in the investment industry, among the people who believe in the transformative strategies of Armour is Janet Yang a financial analyst.  She believes that Amour has the capability to predict the future of the investment industry and take the necessary measure to address the business as well as a long-term requirement of the employees.

Since he took over the chairmanship of the Capital Group investment he has been instrumental in fostering an alliance with companies both at home and overseas. For example, Capital Group established a partnership with Samsung Asset Management, an investment firm in South Korea. Both firms will develop products for the South Korea market.

How Donald Scott NYC Has Revolutionized Traditional Haircuts

Have you ever watched your stylist seemingly work magic on your hair with a straight edge razor and wondered how you could achieve the same results? Though they’re traditionally associated with shaving, Donald Scott NYC has become the leader in proving how straight edge razors have revolutionized the styling process. The secret to that flawless cut is in the cutting tool, and with David Scott NYC, you can find the perfect razor for your styling needs.


So if you ever find yourself fumbling with traditional shears, you’ll quickly see that this is eliminated with straight razors. With a razor from Donald Scott NYC, you will also be able to layer the hair more easily by gliding the razor along the hair as opposed to just chopping at the hair, resulting in a blunt edge.


The variety of razors offered at Donald Scott NYC allows you to select a razor that you feel completely comfortable using. So whether you choose the innovative DS/X4 Razor or the sleek Chop Stick Pro Razor, you will be able achieve salon perfect results every time.


Transit experts offer solutions for Williamson County’s biggest issue: Traffic

In the recent past, we have seen many people suffer from the increased traffic jam in the city. For this reason, many of the discussions made about traffic in Austin focus on the city alone. We are here to develop a new strategy to have the city concentrate on other parts of the state and the regions which have more traffic jam than the city itself. The Williamson County is one of the places which have been recorded to have the highest level of traffic jam in the state. This is because most of the people working on the city line and operate from Williamson County on a daily basis.


The Growth Summit for the Williamson County was the only opportunity which presented to us to develop a new strategy to determine the future of the traffic jam in the Williamson County. As a matter of fact, we are also going to look at the needs which have to be met to determine the usability of the developed solutions to a traffic jam in the county. Traffic jam has become one of the most immediate problems in the United States. This is partly due to the increase in the population of the city and other factors which have become the building blocks of the state and the county itself. Therefore, we must also be careful of what we say because it will have a negative or positive impact in the long term.


The panel of discussion at the Growth Summit in Williamson County saw the inclusion of the RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser, Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns, Uber Technologies Inc., Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein, and ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin. According to the founders of the summit, these are the best individuals who have the capability to formulate the ways in which they can reduce traffic jam in the region because they are the ones who have the capacity to develop high-end solutions to these capacities in the United States. The individuals sat down with an open mind and proposed the grandola system where we see a future without drivers. The vehicles will be controlled in a manner through which it focuses on the development infrastructure.

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Securus Technologies Release Information that Corrects GTL’s Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies is a leader in the Criminal Justice and correction industry. The company has been working along with other providers in the industries. According to recent news from PR Newswire, Securus Technologies released information that corrected GTL inaccuracies. Global Tel Link is a competitor to Securus. Global Tel Link has been responsible for inmate communication in different facilities. The company has been in operation for about two decades. However, it released misleading information concerning Securus Technologies patent rights.


Securus Technologies released the findings during a recent press release. It came out clearly that the firm did not undertake any breaches and wrong doings. GTL made inaccurate statements when it announced that its innovations were patentable by the PTBA. It went ahead to indicate that Securus Technologies had infringed its rights when it had used the patents. GTL stated that they have plans to go to court and show the jury how the company has infringed patents. Securus came out to refute all those claims. The firm stated that GTL’s patents were not set to be determined by the PTAB. Instead, those patents can only be ruled out in court. The firm has since had plans to go to the jury. However, the court process is going to take a long time. GTL has no evidence concerning the patents. The released information shows that GTL’s allegations are misplaced and inaccurate.


The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, commented on the inaccuracies. He stated that Securus Technologies would continue to defend itself against any attack from GTL. He also questioned the approach by the competitor to try gaining an advantage over competitors.


Highland Capital Management Continuously Leading The Way

With more than 20 years of successful experience in the financial industry, Highland Capital Management has been one the leading investment firms in the country. According to Business Wire, established in 1990 by partners James Dondero and Mark Okada, the firm began as a joint enterprise with Protective Life Insurance Corporation and was called Protective Asset Management Company.

Over the years the company grew and passed through different branding identities while defining its permanent place in the market. In 1997 Dondero and Okada bought Protective Life’s stake in the company and gained full control of their founded organization, and in 1998 renamed their business as the current Highland Capital Management.

The financial firm is a well rounded organization that has progressively branched into many areas of the investment market. With each new road they forge, they have quickly become the leader in investment firms.

They began as an SEC registered investment adviser then launched a commingled bank loan fund. In 1996 they introduced a groundbreaking non-bank collateralized loan obligation, one of the first of its kind, and then moved into the business of mutual funds in 2004.

All of this progressive movement for the business was started with the strong leadership at the top. James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry with specialized knowledge of distressed and high-yield investing.

Before becoming a founding partner, Dondero worked as the Chief Investment Officer for the Protective Life Insurance Company. Prior to that, he worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst as well as a Portfolio Manager for American Express.

His vast experience is augmented by his impressive education. He graduated with highest honors from the University of Virginia, he earned three certifications as a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He also graduated from McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Accounting and Finance. Learn more about James Dandero:

James Dandero helps lead his company by balancing the risk of new ventures with the confidence in his knowledge and established abilities. Highland Capital Management will continue to push the envelope and shape a successful future for years to come.

Gold Still Hasn’t Lost Its Appeal

Gold currently trades at slightly over $1,100 at ounce for spot transactions. That’s a substantial discount to its all-time high of nearly $2,000. Some will say it is not a good time to invest in precious metals as interest rates in the United States are bound to rise, thus making gold less desirable because of better alternatives in the form of higher rates paid on savings.


But, interest rates will still remain historically low. While there are short-term fluctuations in commodity prices, gold is known as a good hedge against inflation over the long term. For thousands of years, the yellow metal has been considered to be a storage of value as well as a medium of exchange. Gold is still considered money, although daily transactions require paper currency or cards.


As a storage of value, gold becomes especially precious during times of turmoil, whether economic or political. As a commodity of finite supply, gold can’t be simply produced without limits, or printed as paper currencies are.


Yet another benefit of holding gold is the ability to diversify from financial assets such as stocks and bonds. That is not to say that investors shouldn’t hold these financial assets, but rather that they should seriously consider adding gold to their investment portfolios.


Gold is also a commodity. It is something that can be physically held (unlike stocks or bonds) and moved (unlike real estate). While it is possible to invest in gold by buying exchange-traded funds (ETFs), investors can also buy physical gold. Companies such as US Money Reserve will deliver gold coins and bars to investors.


When it comes specifically to US Money Reserve, the company guarantees the purity of gold sold. Investors can buy government-issued coins such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, or South African Krugerrands in various sizes, ranging from 1/10 oz to 1 oz. coins. It is also possible to buy gold bars as well as other precious metals such as silver.


For the United States residents, US Money Reserve provides Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) accounts with which investors can save for their retirements, while qualifying for tax shelters.

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Squaw Valley’s Statement on the Water Quality on Upper Mountain

Squaw Valley issued a statement to respond to claims that the drinking water found on the Upper Mountain has coliform and E. coli bacteria. This was from a potential health issue that was reported by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Below is a recap of the whole statement issued on November 30 by Liesl Kenney, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows public relations director. The statement refers to all the facts of the water quality in the area of Squaw Valley Upper Mountain.

Statement on Squaw Valley Water Quality

In the month of October there was an unusual heavy rain that affected a number of Placer County’s water systems. It led to the inundation of a water system that had been upgraded over the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp which resulted in the contamination. However, the contamination on was limited to that system alone and the rest of the water systems were not affected at all. There was absolutely no point at which the public were offered the contaminated water.

Routine Testing

Immediately after the routine testing detected the contamination issue, the Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were alerted. Consultations were also held with relevant water experts and relevant steps taken to contain the issue on Weather. These steps will continue being taken until the time when the water found in the system will return to its normal levels. The water at Gold Coast or High Camp will not be used until the experts and health officials confirm that it is safe.

Customer Safety Assurance
Customer safety is paramount to the resort and it is ensured at the highest degree. Squaw Valley took the water contamination issue seriously as it does with all the safety concerns. The resort has moved to ensure that all guests at Gold Coast and High Camp can still access its facilities fully and normally with bottled drinking water offered free of charge. Guests will be duly updated when the issue will be resolved fully.

How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Website Help Secure Property Reports

Title defects are ranked as one of the most frustrating barriers to smooth property transition in the real estate industry. Such defects not only cause wrongful foreclosures but in most cases stall seemingly fluid property sales. In the recent past, such cases have been on the rise resulting in a stream of complaints directed towards the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. In response to this, the institution launched an updated website that allows the affected to file formal complaints and obtain title reports as well as make online orders regarding tax status reports and ownership history.


What are the leading causes of title defects?

Primarily, a title defect mostly occurs if two or more entities lay claim to the property represented by one title.  For instance, it may be caused by simple wording errors in the title document or failure to involve interested parties to the transactions such as spouses. Additionally, title defects can also be caused by previous liens on the title or inability to follow proper filing procedures when recording the ownership documents.


What makes the NTC reports reliable?

According to the NTC CEO, their land reporting system is based on research conducted the national land records and is accessible for every residential property in the country. He also stresses that the system relies on the human-verified property records from different counties across the country thus making them foolproof. Additionally, he argues that their asset reporting system is approved and accepted by most lenders across the country, thereby proving its reliability.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc

The Palm Harbor-based research and document processing company has over two decades experience serving the residential real estate industry with property reports. The company’s unblemished reputation throughout this period has earned it a position the leading service provider to mortgage lenders and investors as well favor with eight of the top 10 mortgage servicers in the United States.


To gain access to these land records, the company has had to fulfill all the county document requirements in over 3,600 recording jurisdictions. The company has also received recognition and awards from various reputable institutions for its continued commitment to the provision of excellent property reports including being ranked number 26 of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay.

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Brian Bonar: The CEO of Trucept

Brian Bonar is a popular financial executive and the chairman and CEO of Trucept Incorporation. Brian has also served in various financial firms including the Dalrada Financial Corporation before joining Trucept.

He has demonstrated a great passion for building design development, contract administration, and procurement. His attention to detail and massive business leadership experience enables him to achieve great success in the industry.

Bonar has established a reputation in team leadership and passion for assisting his clients, team members, and project partners achieve their goals. His portfolio includes retail, aviation, multifamily housing, k-24 education systems, and commercial structures.

Early Life and Education

Brian attended the James Watt Technical College where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. He proceeded to acquire his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stafford.

Mr. Bonar is also a recipient of honorary title; “Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales, United Kingdom.”He received his MBA and a Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, UK.

His solid background in the technical field helps him build successful business models while embracing the current technological advancements.

Business History and Accomplishments

Brian Bonar began his career working as a procurement manager for the IBM, before moving to QMS as the director of engineering with over 100 staff under his watch. His business inclination started at Adaptec where he served as the sales manager, before forming his first company, Bezier Systems.

Accoriding to PR Newswire, Brian Bonar’s specialties include business mergers and acquisitions. He combines the technical genius of engineering with the creative ability of architecture to create personalized business models.

Bonar’s Contribution to Trucept Incorporation

Trucept is a financial firm that provides solutions to small and medium enterprises by completing various tasks on their behalf. Some of the tasks the firm executes are payroll management, employee benefits management, and human resource administration. Trucept also helps businesses manage their HR documents and file tax returns. The company also offers risk management, which forms a critical part of any successful business venture.

The objective is to enable the company focus on its core business activities and delegate the rest of support services to Trucept. The experienced team of professionals makes plans and suggestions for the firm while respecting the diverse working traditions of every business establishment. Trucept also offers long term and short term staffing solutions to business enterprises across the nation.

Brian Bonar’s Philanthropy

Brian is a full-time family man who likes spending time with his family, going on boating trips, and playing golf. He received the “Who’s Who in America” recognition in the year 2000.


Who is Lovaganza’s J.F. Gagnon?

Who is the mastermind behind Lovaganza? J.F. Gagnon is. He is talented in various aspects of the art world. His talents lie in singing, music, producing music, writing, composing, and directing. With so many different talents, he brings his all to his projects. He is French-Canadian and was born on September 25th, 1969. Gagnon went to the University of Montreal in Quebec and runs a company called Fer Rouge Creative Company. He has the determination and the drive to create something for everyone on the planet.

For almost 7 years, he and his wife have been working on “The Lovaganza Convoy”. It is a three part trilogy that will be released year by year from 2018 until 2020. Once all films are complete, there is going to be a wonderful celebration called Lovaganza 2020. Lovaganza has been his main focus, as it is a very intricate project that ties to various types of art and expression. He has been working with actors, dancers, acrobats, and so much more to bring his vision to light.

He has three children with his beautiful wife Genevieve. Their names are Jeremy, Nathan, and Carla-Rose. He lives in both Los Angeles and the south of France. He lives a very cultured life and has two music albums out. His stage name is “Jetsam” and he worked on this album with Aldo Nova. He also worked on the soundtrack of the movie “Nitro” writing, producing, and performing the music.

He has even performed as a stunt skater as Jean Gagnon in “Rollerball” and “The Secret Adventures of Jules Vern”. What can’t he do? With his history of working on fantastic projects on Instagram, waiting for more to come becomes a task in and of itself. People all over the world are waiting patiently for the grand experience that he is preparing to provide them.

His talents will help the world come together and that has been his goal from the beginning. He wants to open minds and bring hearts together with Lovaganza. He knows that the Human race can be better than it has been and wants to help aid in being at least one catalyst to the loving world he believes in.

Look into his major project Lovaganza and you will learn everything else that you need to know about him.