Alex Pissios had a challenging decade in the last century. He developed properties on the North and West areas of Chicago, but then he found life and finances crumble after the real estate downfall late in the decade. In 1990, Alex owed more than $13 million in debt and was no longer welcome by his old colleagues. The fallout from the real estate market made pissios wife return to work where she worked as a dental hygienist while Pissios took care of their kids at home. An invitation from a cousin whose wedding was in Toronto in June 2008.His cousin on hearing that Pissios and his wife had run short of cash, the cousin offered to cater for the cost of hiring a car so they could attend. The wedding reception was a time to catch up with distant family members. One of the people he hadn’t seen in years was his cousin Nicky Mirkopoulos. They were able to continue the conversation at the reception, and eventually, it led to them working together and changing the trajectory of Alex’s life. Mirkopoulos, once an established electrician, took a new path in 1990 the beginning of Cinespace a Film Studio which is one of the most significant film production in Canada. He heard about Pissios and his difficulties in real estate and wanted to help. Markopoulos had a heavy Greek accent and teased Pissios as usual in proper form. But then he said that the document Pissios had sent showed that he had no future in real estate.

Finding Mirkopoulos at the airport, Pissios followed his instructions to drive him to the nearest bankruptcy office. Mirkopoulos wanted to expand his company, (Cinespace studios) to enter the United States and he felt that Chicago was an excellent place. Finding a location was essential to his plan, and finding a place to create the space for soundstages was another priority. Alex Pissios obtained a location for the studio in the US at the former Steel Plant in Chicago. Alex Pissios’s goal was to transform the buildings and facades of Cities. He makes easy comparisons by comparing the building facades to the transformation of his life when he reached his lowest point in 2008. Chicago feels they owe him gratitude for grabbing a life-handed opportunity with his both hands and transforming the city into a significant film and television face globally.