The Superb Business Skills Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has accomplished what many people only dream of. He has been successful in making his dreams come true and became a billionaire in the process. His net worth is now approximately $1.1 billion and continues to climb. Guilherme Paulus has been able to achieve this by many genius business moves. He has created the largest and most successful tourist operator in all of Latin America, founded one of the most successful hotels and resorts company and has even been able to transform a small airline into the third largest operating airline in Brazil. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin account.

Guilherme Paulus was born in Brazil in 1949 and now has almost 50 years of experience in the tourist industry. He co-founded his first business venture in 1972 with a politician as his business partner. The name of the company was the CVC travel agency and it grew to become the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America. Guilherme’s partner left the business venture after only four years and left Guilherme to lead the company on his own. He was successful in this and was able to persevere through some challenging obstacles. Part of the CVC was sold for about $420 million and is now generating approximately $5.2 billion in annual revenue.

Guilherme Paulus then founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts. The hotels and resorts company is now in control of 19 hotels and resorts all over the country of Brazil. The company’s success was due to the commitment of excellent customer service. The GJP has 7 hotels in the south region of Brazil, 5 hotels in the southeast region, and 7 hotels in the northeast region. The company is now looking to acquire more hotels and resorts near airports in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus then proceeded to move into the airline industry. Guilherme acquired the Webjet airline in 2006 and it had only one aircraft in its fleet at the time. Guilherme was able to transform the small airline into the third largest airline operating in Brazil. The Webjet airline now has 20 aircraft in its fleet. Guilherme sold Webjet to Gol in 2011.

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