Luiz Carlos Trabuco Oversees Banco Bradesco’s Transitions

In all probability, today’s organizations are challenged by the ever-increasing demand to change. This need to change is propelled by competition, the development of new products, services, emerging markets, emerging technology in addition to the prerequisite to nurture people skills in order to deal with the arising challenges.

Background Information

Not long ago, Banco Bradesco was subject to tremendous changes; the president of the company Mr. Brandao de Mello stepped down for a relatively younger individual to take over. Citing his reasons voluntarily, he confirmed that he had worked for Bradesco long enough to allow a different person to inject a new wealth of knowledge into the accounts. This change has since impacted the manner in which the company is presently controlled.

Upholding Leadership Values

While stepping down, Brandao appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve as the president for the time being. When asked why he selected Carlos Trabuco, he cited that he has vast experience in leadership and the management of the bank. Therefore, he was in a better position to step in until the board of directors held their annual general meeting to elect a new leader.


Electing a New President

In March 2018, the board of directors assembled to elect a new president. As Luiz Carlos Trabuco puts it across to the media, the election was complicated as almost all the proposed candidates had relevant academic credentials alongside the required expertise to manage the bank. Nevertheless, Octavio de Lazari’s resume was more convincing as he had worked long enough to garner sufficient managerial and people skills. Without a doubt, he was the perfect choice for the job. Effective immediately, Octavio started serving as the president. Because he is the vice president as well, he now holds two positions at the bank.

The Other Side of the Coin

On the other hand, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is chanting his way up the leadership ladder as the chairman of Banco Bradesco. As usual, he dedicates his time and resources to developing aggressive policies with the most recent one being pension reforms. According to him, this policy should be passed before the general elections to have a smooth transition. Just like before, Carlos is fighting for his clients by advocating for better pension policies at Banco Bradesco.


Regarding the new changes, employees and clients have questioned the direction that Banco Bradesco will take henceforth. To answer this question, Luiz Carlos has insisted that there is tremendous growth to look up to as the institution will absorb new managerial skills from Octavio de Lazari. Aside from that, there is the impending adjustment of policies that he must oversee. Therefore, it is relevant to conclude that his presence in the bank is highly required as he shall be working closely with Octavio to oversee the successful transition of Bradesco.

Outlining his Roles and Contribution

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was just a teenager when he joined Bradesco being a clerk. Because he was an ambitious individual, he dedicated his life to serving clients in the institution. Therefore, he was in a position to efficiently dispense excellent services to clients. Since he registered excellent service delivery accompanied by positive client reviews, the board of directors elevated him to serve as a senior executive. Until now, he upholds the values bestowed in him by his mentor, Brandao.


Shervin Pishevar Predicts Turmoil for US

For Shervin Pishevar, one of the most prominent entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the world today, making waves is just a part of a day’s work. An avid social media user, he often takes to Twitter in order to make bold predictions regarding financial trends and downturns affecting United States economy, and after a short break from the public spotlight, he returned in epic fashion. Over the course of 21 hours, in what was immediately deemed a “tweetstorm,” Shervin Pishever unleashed a myriad of posts discussing the future of the world’s economic infrastructure, the fate of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the role of the five current unicorn companies in existence today.

While Bitcoin experienced a period of unprecedented growth throughout that latter half of last year, eventually reaching a price of nearly 20k, shortly after, the value of the cryptocurrency fell dramatically, causing investors and spectators alike to panic, often projecting a bleak outlook for the immediate future. According to Shervin Pishevar, despite its recent volatility, Bitcoin will begin a period of stabilization over the course of the next few years, eventually regaining the strength that made it such a polarizing investment in recent times. While this rise spells good news for proponents of Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar estimates that this growth will be steady, but losses may continue to mount in the short term.

Over the 21-hour flurry, Shervin Pishevar also discussed the current role of Silicon Valley in the race for innovative domination around the world. Previously, Silicon Valley has been known as the de facto world capital of innovation, but as other countries have adopted the “American way,” which has seen entrepreneurship rise exponentially, the leading region in California has essentially taken a backseat. Shervin Pishevar believes that the reason for this is because companies no longer need to exist within the borders of the United States in order to prosper on a grand scale, and they are instead keeping their own talent within their countries of origin. Today, China is currently leading the march, as their speed of execution far surpasses that of the United States.

Doe Deere – article recap

True leaders believe in themselves but can also say when they’ve made a mistake.


Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere has made mistakes a time or two in both her professional and personal lives.


The ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going shows strength and a boldness that is contagious.


Who She Is

Everyone knows Doe Deere as the Queen of Unicorns, but did you know that this CEO was actually born in Russia?


Also, Doe Deere is not her real name but rather a name she chose for her brand.


Deer are whimsical, majestic, almost-magical creatures. Deere’s brand is all of these things, so the name just made sense.


Deere left Russia at the tender age of 17 to pursue a fashion degree at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.


The time spent pursuing her degree didn’t last, however, because Deere decided that she didn’t need a degree to pursue a career in fashion.


Her fashion line, Lime Crime, soon turned into a cosmetics line that took off.


The rest is history.


When she isn’t over at Lime Crime HQ brainstorming new amazing ideas, she is kicking back at her home with her husband and three cats, two of which are rescues.


Her Personal Mistakes

When Deere was 20 years old and long before Lime Crime was a household name, Deere did something that shook her fans:


she dressed up as a German Nazi.


Looking back, does Deere regret doing this?


Well, she definitely wasn’t expecting the reaction that arose from it, that’s for sure.


Her intent was to mock Nazi Germany. After all, she, herself, had Jewish ties, having loved ones that were Jewish, particularly a grandmother.


The photo she took wearing this costume wasn’t well-received, however.


How did Deere attempt to make things right?


By explaining her reasoning for wearing the costume in the first place


Whether or not people were able to understand her point of view, Deere was able to continue moving forward in the pursuit of her dreams.


Her Professional Mistakes

Deere agrees that everyone makes mistakes.


She says that Lime Crime is a company that has encountered bumps on the road to success but that she and her team are able to learn from their mistakes and to keep it moving.

Mistakes should serve only one purpose: trial and error.


If you know that something didn’t work the first time, take note not to allow that particular thing to happen again.


In this way, you are setting yourself up for success rather than for repeated failure. Learn more: