Jacob Gottlieb

In the 1960’s Jacob Jay Gottlieb’s parents came to the United States from Poland. Jacob Gottlieb’s father held a Ph.D. and worked at the City University (CUNY)in New York City as an economics professor. His mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, was a pediatrician. These two-sided professions by both his parents gave Jacob Jay Gottlieb a love for both medicine and economics. Jacob Jay Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York.


One of Mr. Gottlieb’s accomplishment came in 2001. He accepted his Chartered Financial Analyst (CAF) from the Association for Investment and Research (AIRM). Mr. Gottlieb received a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in economics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


One of Jacob J. Gottlieb’s accomplishment came in 2001 when he received the award of Chartered Financial Analyst (CAF) charter from the Association for Investment and Research (AIRM). Mr. Gottlieb received a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in economics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Jacob Gottlieb graduated magna cum laude from New York University Medical School in New York City. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a Doctor when he received his degree as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). Dr. Gottlieb became an intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, New York where he successfully completed his residency in internal medicine.


Jacob Jay Gottlieb in his quest to become a financial expert in the stock market resigned from the field of medicine.


Jacob Gottlieb prospered as an investment portfolio member at Merlin Financial in London, England. At Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC Mr. Gottlieb was involved as a buy-side analyst. Mr. Gottlieb was a member of Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. (BA), which he helped to establish. In 2005 Jacob Gottlieb founded his company which he called Visium Asset Management, LLC where he was the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer.


When he was young, and being a fan of baseball, Jacob Gottlieb traded baseball cards and devoted as much time as he could to his newfound trade. This consisted of collecting full baseball teams, which included the Yankees. In 7th. grade, he won a contest in which he picked stocks. His father seeing the gift he had in picking stocks that won, arranged for young Jacob to have his own account in investment trading. Jacob Gottlieb was an entrepreneur and gained experience selling drinks he bought at a grocery store and sold them to golfers at a local course, for a profit.


Gottlieb believes that those in the field of medicine and Wall Street trading are risk takers. He has managed to connect his medical experience and his trading experience together and use them to his advantage.

Who is Visium CIO Jacob Gottlieb?

Because of his humble heart, Mr. Gottlieb is active in nonprofit causes such as Covenant House. He has a tender heart for homeless children and does everything he can to help. Covenant House helps youths in distress who have no place to go. Covenant House is determined to get these young people off the streets and into a safe environment.


Dr. Mark Mofid Excels in Butt Augmentation

Each generation has its definition of beauty, being tall and slender has been overthrown by having large and round bottoms in the 20th century. With this particular trend came the innovation of buttock augmentation which involves fat grafting, butt implants and sometimes a mixture of both to create the right size for behind depending on the client’s desires. Buttock augmentation requires a professional with years of experience, a good education background in this field and not least a conscience professional who prioritize the health, aims and desires of a patient. Dr. Mark Mofid is a highly recommended expert with these qualities and more.

Dr. Mark Mofid has an exceptional background of education, he attained his medical degree from Harvard University, extended his training in plastic and general surgery, and also joined School of medicine at Johns Hopkins University for advanced craniofacial research. Dr. Mark is an approved surgeon by both Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive and facial Surgery American Boards.

Currently, Dr. Mark Mofid serves as a Surgeon in Different hospitals at San Diego and La Jolla while still attending to his gluteal augmentation clients. According to Dr. Mofid, while performing buttock augmentation, he places intramuscular implants only and does not insert implants larger than 330cc not even if the patient beg for it. Many patients push for larger implants believing that it will make them easily noticeable and thus give them fame while in reality, they increase the risks of other complications like malposition and higher palpability rates.

Dr. Mark Mofid says that soon this large implants will be re-positioned to an inferior position due to gravity resulting in health issues and a worse shape that he is not ready to put at risk. 8-years ago when Dr.Mark Mofid was venturing into surgery implants, he was very frustrated with the silicone implants that were too large to be placed in the intramuscular offering deficient derriere. To overcome this, he engineered a gluteal implant that provided shape and a tapered profile efficient for intramuscular placement. It also gave a stable body proportionality and made the implants to be more real. With some surgery implant practice, he became a highly skilled expert of gluteal augmentation. Dr. Mark Mofid publications of facial and breast surgery recognized by all surgeons globally have also gained him prestige and fame as an exceptional surgeon and more

Former Correction Officer Stops Prison Inmates From Using Their Cell Phones

A prison inmate using his cell phone to call people outside of his prison cell is an unthinkable problem. However, this problem actually exists and many prisoners all over the globe are doing this. They even conduct their nefarious business from inside their cells and even threaten others who are outside their prison walls. But I found out that someone has already devised a way to stop this problem and he was shot for doing so – on the orders of a prison inmate. This is how the story goes.

Robert Johnson from South Florida and also a former correction officer for 15 years is the person responsible for this security system. His previous work was mainly spent in confiscating contraband from prison inmates. Johnson’s mission today is to keep cell phones from being used by prison inmates for nefarious purposes. He was very good at his current work that a contract was made to end his life.

He was shot at home by Sean Echols, a recently released ex-convict. The contract to murder Johnson was made through a contraband cell phone used by a prison inmate. Apparently, prison inmates who are angered by Johnson’s work and want to stop him contracted Echols to do the dirty job. But Johnson survived the attempt and is still working on perfecting his system.

I also found out that he is now working with Securus Technologies as a security consultant. This company deals with telecoms services. It has a contract with Florida where it is required to provide paid telephone calls for its prison inmates. Because of the possibility of bad cell phone calls, Securus is now using the Wireless Containment System. This system is designed to manage and control the calls being made by the prisoners. It is used to detect the unauthorized and nefarious use of cell phones and stop such calls from being made.

A spokesman for Securus said that they have literally constructed a cell phone network. He explained that if a cell phone uses the network to dial a number, the system is able to choose what they would do to that number. The inmates think that they are already connected to the network, but a very different thing happens, the spokesman explained. He added that they only connect the authorized numbers and that they don’t allow unauthorized numbers to connect their calls. Securus claims that they have already blocked 1.7 million calls from prison inmates using this security system. This system, however, allows 911 calls from inmates to go through.