Betsy DeVos Hits High Levels Of Success As An Education Reformer

The success that has recently been achieved by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has hit new heights with Congress voting in favor of the well known education reformer taking up her role with the Trump Administration. For the last three decades, Mrs. DeVos has impressed me with the work she has completed to overcome the many obstacles that have been placed in her way as she has developed a series of educational reform policies and plans that have become a successful part of the U.S. education landscape. I believe the work completed by Betsy DeVos in her native Michigan to reform the public school system has been impressive and is matched by the work she has been completing in various states across the U.S., particularly impressive to me has been her work in Indiana, Florida, and Louisiana. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

Researching the work completed by Betsy DeVos has given me the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the way the U.S. education system works, including the impressive way the Calvin College graduate has achieved creating a new system that will hopefully lead to greater levels of success for all students entering the U.S. public school system in the affected states. I believe the work completed by Betsy DeVos in Louisiana has been of the greatest importance in proving she has the ability to work with politicians and state leaders who are opposed to changes to the education reform program undertaken by Betsy DeVos and her peers in the movement; even though the Republican Governor of Louisiana backed the work completed by Betsy DeVos the state Department of Education was opposed to the plans for voucher and school choice programs. I believe the success of the program in Louisiana has been down to Betsy DeVos and the financial and vocal support she gave to the program when parents were given only a single week to register for the school of their choice. Betsy DeVos played a vital role in developing the success of the school voucher program in New Orleans when she stepped in to back the creation of billboards, radio ad’s, and many different options that allowed parents to find success in developing their own choice of where their children went to school.


The DeVos family have rarely provided information on their vast levels of philanthropic giving, but as part of the nomination process for Secretary DeVos she was required to provide details of both her business and philanthropic dealings that showed her philanthropic giving far outweighed that of her political giving. As the 88th richest family in the U.S., the DeVos family has given away more than $1 billion in philanthropic donations through 2015 as they sought to help the Michigan community and other good causes across the U.S.

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