Oncotarget Reveals a Study Showing the Harmful Effects of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes is growing in popularity among the youths as well as former and current smokers. This is attributed to the perception that it is a healthier option compared to the conventional cigarettes. In the past, scientists believed that adverse health effects were as a result of the cigarette smoke. However, an increasing pool of scientific data is suggesting otherwise, including this study. Rahman explained that the study was able to show that when vapor is burned, it makes cells release inflammatory proteins that intensify stress within cells. This in turn becomes detrimental and leads to a number of oral diseases. Rahman added that the extent of gum and cavity damage is depended on how often someone smokes the e-cigarettes.

A study conducted by the University of Rochester found out that e-cigarettes damaged teeth and gums in an equal magnitude as the conventional cigarettes. The study was led by Professor Irfan Rahman, and was published in Oncotarget. This was the first scientific study that addressed e-cigarettes and their harmful effect on oral health.

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The study exposed a non-smoker gum tissue to e-cigarette vapors and found out that chemical flavors do take part in damaging the mouth cells. However, the extent of potency in causing damage to mouth cells differed from one flavor to the other. E-cigarettes also contain nicotine, and it known to contribute to poor oral health. Most e-cigarettes come with a heating device, a battery, and cartridge for holding liquid that contains flavorings, nicotine, and other chemicals. The device heats up the liquid into an aerosol, which is inhaled by the user.

Rahman added that more research that included comparative and long-term studies was needed in order to better understand health effects caused by e-cigarettes. Rahman would also like the manufacturers to disclose all chemicals and materials that they use so that the consumers can learn more about potential dangers. Download output styles at Endnote.com

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