Dr. Richard A. Shinto’s Career Record and his Role at InnovaCare

Dr. Richard A. Shinto is the driving force behind the impeccable success of InnovaCare Health. The organization’s CEO has had a very successful reign at the helm and has managed to help InnovaCare grow into the big firm it is today. Shinto has had a colorful 21-year career in managed healthcare, making him an icon in his right within the sector. Shinto now resides in New Jersey, the hometown of InnovaCare Health. View the company profile at LinkedIn.

Career and Awards

Dr. Shinto’s medical career took shape in 1996 when MedPartners hired him as an executive in its Medical Management department. Prior to this job, he had spent a year in South California working as an intern. At the time, he had completed his MBA at the University of Redlands, and a medical degree from the Stone Brook’s State University of New York. After serving MedPartners for a year, Shinto relocated to Orange County, still in California, after he was contracted by Cal Optima Health Plan to serve as its CMO. Since then, he has offered his expertise at organizations, such as NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., MMM Healthcare, Inc., and Aveta Inc.

In recognition of his commitment and innovative approach to managed healthcare, Shinto has scooped prestigious awards severally. In 2012, for example, he took home the Ernest &Young Entrepreneur Award. He received the award on June 27 in a colorful event hosted at the Hyatt New Brunswick.

Richard Announces New Executives for InnovaCare

In July last year, Richard Shinto announced the addition of three new executives who would work alongside him in fostering the growth of InnovaCare Health. Jonathan Meyers, formerly of Horizon BCBS, was named as the new chief actuary officer. Mike Sortino, the former Controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., was named as the new officer responsible for financial matters. Finally, Shinto announced the new operations leader as Penelope Kokkinides, former COO at Centerlight HealthCare.

The Profile of Penelope

Richard and InnovaCare got everything right by appointing Penelope Kokkinides to her new role. An alumnus of Columbia, New York, and Binghamton universities, Penelope brought with her over 20 years of experience to InnovaCare. She has an extensive background in managed healthcare, having worked for the industry’s most reputable organizations. Previously, she worked as COO at Touchstone Health and as corporate vice president for AmeriChoice’ Care Management and Disease Management.

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About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is the leader in managed healthcare in New Jersey and the entire North America. Its services are offered through a couple of medical programs; the Medical Advantage & Medicaid program and the Provider Networks program.

OSI Group’s Success Secret

OSI Group is a large private owned company that supplies to retail stores and food service outlets globally. It provides high-quality value-added products like sausage links, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, and beef patties. They tailor make their products to fit their clients’ needs.

OSI Group has over 20,000 employees and over 65 branches in 17 countries.

In 2016, OSI was ranked in the Forbes list as the 58th biggest private company, being valued at $6.1 billion. It has also received a number of awards over the years. Some of the awards are in environmental management as well as in the management of safety risks in the health sector.

With the leadership of David McDonald, the company’s President, OSI has experienced steady growth. This has been made possible by David’s act of spearheading the merging of OSI Industry with Baho Food. Their goal is to expand their market share in Europe and also help them to serve their customers better. Baho has five companies under it which are; Henri Van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Baho Foods and it is in 18 countries in Europe.

OSI Group has also acquired Flagship Europe that normally supplies food service products in the UK. This acquisition was done to help the company access and expand their European market. OSI Industries has also purchased Tysons Foods Plant that is situated in Chicago to expand its services. Since Tyson was about to close down, OSI saved the situation, and many employees of Tyson Foods were absorbed.

OSI Group is named among the top 100 food companies in America because of its commitment to social responsibility, environmental management, and ensuring that the supply chain is sustainable. They have also made sure that their products are of high quality and meet their customer needs. The organization continues to improve the employment terms so as to better the lives of their workers.

Entrepreneur and Investor-George Soros

He is one of the most prominent and influential businessman in the world. George Soros has also made a name for himself for his participation in the community work. Ever since Mr. Soros began his philanthropic work, he donated more than $12 billion supporting individuals as well as other institutions that fight for equality, justice, and freedom of expression, transparency in the society, and the government as well as government accountability. George Soros’s giving primarily focuses on those individuals who have been facing discrimination in the society including the Europe Roman people, drug addicts, sex workers, and LGBTI individuals. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros has been through a discriminative life as well as a living in a war environment. The entrepreneur, as well as a philanthropist, was born in Hungary back in 1930. During the time there was a war in his native home which led to the murder of more than 500000 Jewish. Soros and his family were among the lucky ones for they secured fake identity. After the war, Soros who has been known to be a go-getter left for a search of better life in London. He later joined London school of Economics while still working as a part-time waiter in a club and a railway porter. Being a hard worker and very determined, Soros moved to the United States to invest, and that is the place where he has been making his fortunes. At the United States, George is known to be the most successful investor in the finance sector for his hedge fund investment. The investment he gained while in the United States George Soros began his Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation is a network of partners, foundations, as well as projects which have been operating in more than 100 countries. George Soros is also an author who has written books such as Open societies and its Enemies. Read more on NYTimes.com.

George Soros can well be described as a self -made billionaire who has made his fortune through hard work and devotion and not giving up, he is also a philanthropist who has the lives of many people across the world positively. Born in Hungary during the time of war his father had to change his name to Soros to prevent him to be killed. George Soros graduated from the University in 1952, and he began his business as well as his involvement in philanthropic activities. Beside investment and philanthropist, Mr. George has also been in the forefront of the war against drug use to reduce and also prevent crime.

George Soros has extended his philanthropy work to other nations including Africa, and Asia. He has been supporting the countries in broad areas including fighting for transparency in organizations as well as the government and government accountability. Mr. Soros continuous to fight for what he knows is right for the world.

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