How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Website Help Secure Property Reports

Title defects are ranked as one of the most frustrating barriers to smooth property transition in the real estate industry. Such defects not only cause wrongful foreclosures but in most cases stall seemingly fluid property sales. In the recent past, such cases have been on the rise resulting in a stream of complaints directed towards the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. In response to this, the institution launched an updated website that allows the affected to file formal complaints and obtain title reports as well as make online orders regarding tax status reports and ownership history.


What are the leading causes of title defects?

Primarily, a title defect mostly occurs if two or more entities lay claim to the property represented by one title.  For instance, it may be caused by simple wording errors in the title document or failure to involve interested parties to the transactions such as spouses. Additionally, title defects can also be caused by previous liens on the title or inability to follow proper filing procedures when recording the ownership documents.


What makes the NTC reports reliable?

According to the NTC CEO, their land reporting system is based on research conducted the national land records and is accessible for every residential property in the country. He also stresses that the system relies on the human-verified property records from different counties across the country thus making them foolproof. Additionally, he argues that their asset reporting system is approved and accepted by most lenders across the country, thereby proving its reliability.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc

The Palm Harbor-based research and document processing company has over two decades experience serving the residential real estate industry with property reports. The company’s unblemished reputation throughout this period has earned it a position the leading service provider to mortgage lenders and investors as well favor with eight of the top 10 mortgage servicers in the United States.


To gain access to these land records, the company has had to fulfill all the county document requirements in over 3,600 recording jurisdictions. The company has also received recognition and awards from various reputable institutions for its continued commitment to the provision of excellent property reports including being ranked number 26 of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay.

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