4 College Football Betting Tips To Make You A Winner

Placing bets on college football is one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire football season. It’s even better when you can consistently put money in your bank account. By following a few simple tips you can greatly increase the chances of ending the season with more money than you started with.

I know some of these tips may be common sense or things you may have heard before, it is important to know these tips and actually put them into practice. Many times the difference between a win and a loss is missing some fundamental rule of wagering.

1. Money Management
Intelligently managing my bankroll has been the number one factor in my success. That last thing you want to do is go crazy one weekend trying to get right and lose far more than you can afford.

As a rule of thumb, I never wager more that 2% of my bankroll. And you shouldn;t either. If you have $1,000 bankroll you should not bet more than $20. This may sound boring but you have to remember that college football getting is a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Focus On Small Colleges
I cannot begin to tell you how many incorrect lines I have seen on small college games. And it happens for a good reason. Most sportsbooks are too focused on getting the line for Michigan-Ohio State game that they neglect the smaller colleges.

Take a look at the smaller teams in the lesser-known conferences and you will find some gems every weekend.

3. Bet Against The Huge Spreads
Over the past decade or so betting against huge favorites (-30 or over) has returned a win rate of 65%. When you see a team favored by 30 points or more you should target that game and seriously look at the underdog.

4. Take Advantage Of Specials Offer By The Sportsbooks
I love getting an extra half a point for free or getting a reduced vig just for betting on a certain night. Most sports regularly run specials throughout the season to get more business. Covers.com offer great college football odds. Use them to your advantage.

Getting the right information at the right time is important. Use a site like Covers.com to get the latest info and some great expert picks.

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